Saturday, January 4, 2014

Big Garden Harvest and Now a Long Winter Wait

This past year, I got to dig in the dirt and play at being a farmer in my small 4x4 community garden plot. Below are pictures from my fall harvest, which included way more kale than humanly imaginable, coriander seeds, mint, fennel, and some gigantic squashes. The plot is dormant for the winter and waiting patiently for spring to arrive. 

I was tempted to smuggle back some of my mom's heirloom seeds for winter melon, beans, and other asian veggies but decided not to in fear of the border guards at the airport. I will just have to make friends with some elderly Asians here in Vancouver and asked them nicely for seeds. 

I'm looking forward to more explorations in the dirt in 2014.


  1. THAT IS A BUNCH OF KALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cool, I wonder if you can use the root for anything. Have you ever tried making kale chips??? What are you going to do with all that kale?

    1. We cooked some of it, but I made batches of kale chips and gave them away to friends. Kale chips are super yummy just like these little squares of seaweed.