Saturday, February 15, 2014

Lunar New Year in Los Angeles

Dzung and I spent the beginnings of the Year of the Horse in Los Angeles with my family. I love love Lunar New Year. I love all the red and gold, the smells of firecrackers and sticky rice, and the 24/7 loop of new year songs playing in the background of grandma's house such as this lovely musical number.

The best thing of course is being with family. I'm so glad that my younger cousins, nieces, and nephews get to share in the same traditions that make up so many of my happy childhood memories such as the visit to the temple, watching the loin dancing, playing family games, and big yummy dinners.

Some of the family with grandma and grandpa right in the middle, notice all the red and pink being worn.

At grandma's house, the uncles and cousins are rigging up the firecrackers.

At the temple, there were 24 strands of firecrackers. We didn't stay for the lighting, but as we walked home we could hear the whole thing 10 blocks away.

We have been going to this temple since as long as I remember for new year celebrations.

My siblings and I with grandma and grandpa (minus my brother Minh who had to work that day). The kumquat tree you see in the back was planted by my grandma. The tree use to be this tiny little thing and now we can't even pick the fruit from the top.

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  1. These are beautiful photos! Happy to see you two, can't wait for next month!