Thursday, August 7, 2014

Bring your kids to Vancouver!

We're always encouraging our friends and family who have young children, to come visit us in Vancouver because it's such a kid friendly city. My cousins, Riley and Audrey, are having a blast here. We're been to the beach, to some great playgrounds and water parks, we've gone on easy hikes, and the public pool.

This post is a direct call out to my brother Minh and his lovely wife Veronica to bring my nieces and nephew to come visit soon. Here are some pictures to entice you some more:

Ly and Riley and Tree Trunk. Lynn Canyon Park, North Vancouver (8/4/14)
My new favorite bestie, Riley.

Ly and Riley in the Stream. Lynn Canyon Park, North Vancouver (8/4/14)
It looks nice and sunny, but the water is freezing cold, fresh from the ice capped mountains.

Ly in the COLD Water at Lynn Canyon Park, North Vancouver (8/4/14)
Here I am attempting to go into the water, but it was soooo cold!

Audrey, Aunt Amy, Riley, in the Stream. Lynn Canyon Park, North Vancouver (8/4/14)
Auntie and the girls looking on as I attempt to swim in the cold water.

As I was swimming in the icy stream, Auntie and the girls were looking on. It was so cold, I screamed and made loud gasps as I swam. Riley (my new bestie) was so worried for my safety that she started to freak out and wanted her mom to go in and save me. She wouldn't settle until I came out of the water and held her to reassure her that I was indeed okay and just being overly dramatic.

Riley, Macy, Audrey, and Ly on the Swings at Granville Island, Vancouver (8/5/14)

Audrey Going Down the Playground Slide. Vancouver (8/5/14)

Audrey and Riley on the Hose! Waterpark at Granville Island, Vancouver (8/5/14)
This is literally the best thing in the world to kids under 4 years old. The girls had a blast just holding this hose at the Granville Island Water Park.

Tiffany, Riley, Macy, Audrey, on Stanley Park Seawall, Vancouver (8/6/14)
Even walking along the Seawall was tons of fun.

More photos from this adventure at Dzung's album on Flickr.

- Text by Ly, photos by Dzung

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  1. LOOK AT HOW HAPPY THEY ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love these photos, I just know they had a blast!